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Milia Simielli Handmade

Sustainable products

Milia started making cloth pads in 2017 due to allergies with the disposable sanitary pads, she not just got better from her allergies but also felt more comfortable and in her case started feeling less pain and even her flow decreased, so she told her friends about it and they were so interested that she started selling them. She now not only advocate for the change for better feeling but also for helping the environment. At the moment she included on her range reusable nursing pads, reusable face wipes and waperproof bags.

Reusable Items

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Reusable Cloth pads are made from cotton, high absorbency bamboo, and PUL to help prevent leaks, they all have snaps on wings to secure them in place. They come in different absorbency and sizes

Reusable-Sanitary-Pads -1-Milia.jpg

Reusable Nursing Pads

These breast pads are handmade with cotton and Bamboo fleece, to absorb moisture and keep it off your skin and clothing. Bamboo gets softer with each wash and draws up moisture.  They fit discreetly in your nursing bra.

Using these chemical free, washable nursing pads not only protects the environment, but helps you to save money.

Care instructions
Wash your nursing pads inside a lingerie bag on a cold/ warm wash. It is not recommended to use fabric softeners or soaking agents as they reduce the absorbency of the bamboo. Lanolin based nipple creams will also impact the absorbency.

They are approx 10cm in diameter

Waterproof pocket bag

Pocket Wetbag - you can use to carry a spare clean pad in your handbag and then use it to put the dirty pad in after change it.


Care instructions
Please machine wash in a gentle cycle. Do not iron or put in a dryer, as it will damage/melt the waterproof PUL layer.


Waterproof Sanitary Bag

This versatile water resistant wetbag have 2 zipper, can be used for wet clothes or to store clean and soiled sanitary pads. Hang in the bathroom or keep in your handbag.

The larger pocket is lined with PUL for waterproof, so you can safely put your used pads until your wash day.

~24x24cm, come with a handle.

Care instructions
Please machine wash in a gentle cycle. Do not iron or put in a dryer, as it will damage/melt the waterproof PUL layer. If you will use them as a clothpad wetbag remember to leave the zipper form the waterproof pocket a bit opened to prevent the bad odours.

Reusable Face Wipes

This versatile reusable face wipes can be used  to remove make up or apply your favourite face cream. They're soft and machine washable we do recommend to wash inside of a mesh bag to not get lost.

10 face wipes - size: 7x10cm

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